We strive to do the best service for our patrons.  If you have any other questions that are not answered, please do not hesitate to contact us for more details.  Please click "chat with us" button on the lower right of the page, or email us:


Q: Are all the art work original? 

A: Yes.  They are mostly original, 1/1 edition, unless otherwise indicated.  We also accept commission work of fine reproduction of old master pieces, and hand-painted copy of woodblock prints.

Q: How do the patron view the work?

A: By private viewing only.  We do have pop up shows that will be announced in the front page section.


Q: Do you ship?

A:  Yes.  We do all orders domestic FREE of shipping fee to all states in the U.S. , with insurance.

Q: do you ship overseas?

A: Yes.  We ship overseas.  Buyer pays for shipping and custom fee.


Q:  Do you do gift shipping?

A:   Yes.


Q: what is your return policy?

A: Return within 30 days of purchase, refund with the art work intact.