art offers a breathing space for our spirit

art, life and spirituality are all bound together as the trinity.

art is the highest expression of human spirit.  it washes away the dust and salt of everyday life.  To be creative means to be alive and in love with life.  Art makes the spirit soars. art is the air and the water the sunshine to human spirit.  The meaning of life is to create. in flow when the creativity makes the spirit and the hand work seamlessly together.  

art is mirror to human souls.  the most beautiful experience that we can have is in the mysterious.

Rumi:" you dance inside my chest where no one sees you; but sometimes I do, and that sight becomes this art."

art is to eliminate the thought web of fears that we live in.

Some people are spiritual in religious way.  other people are spiritual in their work and in their art and in their treatment of people.

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