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Art offers a spiritual respite.

art, life and spirituality are all bound together as the trinity of being. 
Let our artists immerse you with mystic ecstasy and shower you with sublime beauty.

Aesthetics uplift and purify our daily existence. Creativity spells love reconfigured. Surrounding ourselves with expressive works enhances our physical and emotional daily needs. The hand and eyes coordinate in producing artistry that warms hearts making life that much more pleasurable yet so affordable.   

Established in 1998, Shan Shui Gallery hosts the on-line viewing of the collection of various artists who do their original work on traditional hanging scroll form, which is made of rice paper or silk, and mounted on brocade silk.  Mountings for hanging scroll paintings usually takes up to 14 days to complete, and it is considered an art form on its own.

Shan Shui Gallery also exhibits wearable metal artwork by artisans who are inspired by organic form in nature.

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